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  • Domestic Return Vote
    Domestic Return Vote
    Voters residing overseas who return home before the start of the overseas residents’ voting period must report their address or last address
  • Thumbnail image(Overseas Voting Management Organization )
    Overseas Voting Management Organization
    Overseas Voting Committee -Establishment unit- Diplomatic missions are defined by Article 2 of the Republic of Korea Overseas Diplomatic Mission Management Act
  • Thumbnail image(Vote Counting Procedure )
    Vote Counting Procedure
    General ? vote counting at home(In accordance with the vote counting procedure of domestic elections) -Overseas ballots shipped to Korea ⇒ votes counted -1.① Ov....
  • Thumbnail image(Overseas Absentee Application )
    Overseas Absentee Application
    Persons whose domestic residence registrations are made or who have reported domestic residence as Koreans should file an “Overseas Absentee Application.” Overs....
  • Thumbnail image(Overseas Voter Registration Application )
    Overseas Voter Registration Application
    How to apply for Overseas Voter Registration, ?Persons eligible for overseas voting for Presidential elections and proportionalrepresentative National Assembly ....
  • Thumbnail image(Overseas Voters )
    Overseas Voters
    Overseas voters are Korean citizens residing abroad who are divided largely into overseas voters and overseas absentees., Overseas Koreans who have obtained for....
  • Overseas Election Campaign
    Overseas Election Campaign
    Overseas election campaigns targeting overseas voters should be carried out as follows: ?Posting comments or videos for campaigns on websites or its boards, cha....
  • Voting Procedure
    Voting Procedure
    In the case where ballots are prepared and distributed to voters at polling stations(Procedure)-1.The place to ehcek your ID - You should present a certificate ....
  • Types of Elections and Voting Eligibility
    Types of Elections and Voting Eligibility
    The elections open to overseas Koreans without domestic residence registrations or those who have not reported domestic residence are. The elections open to ove....
  • Introduction Background and Significance of Overseas Election
    Introduction Background and Significance of Overseas Election
    History and Significance, Implications of introducing the overseas voting system (Elevation of the Republic of Korea’s status as a democratic nation, Elevation ....
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