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Voting Procedure

writer : 선거2과

입구->본인확인하는곳,투표용지 받는 곳 1. 신분증명서를 제시하여 본인임을 확인받은 후 투표옹지와 회송용 봉투를 받습니다.Show your identification, and receive ballot paper & an envelope. 本人確投票用紙交付 -> 2. 기표소에 비치된 기표용구로 각각 하나의 정당 또는 후보자에게만 기표하고, 회송용 봉투에 넣어 봉함합니다. Mark the ballot paper and nut it into the envelope and seal the envelope. 記票/封函 -> 투표함 3. 투표함에 봉투를 넣고 나갑니다 Put the envelope into the -ballot box. 投入> 투표참관, 책임위원, 투표진행기록, 출구

Polling station

Although overseas polling stations are installed at diplomatic missions in principle, if there are unavoidable circumstances such as the the limited space of the mission, the station can be installed at an alternative facility such as a Korean community center. The location and name of the overseas polling stations are announced on the webpage by 20 days before the election day. 

Voting period

The Overseas Election Commission announces by 20 days before the election day on its webpage the 6-day period between 14 days before the election to 9 days before the election day.
※ Calculation of overseas voting period and voting time may differ as it is based on the date of the relevant mission corresponding to the date determined based on Korean standard time. 

Voting hours

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

What to bring for voting 

Document of proof for identification (for overseas voters, original document that proves nationality)

 ※ Please refer to the notices for the types of documents required to confirm nationality by country

  • Proof of identification
    A certificate issued by a government office or public institution in the Republic of Korea that has a photo attached, such as a passport, resident registration card, government employee card, or driver’s license, or a certificate issued by the government of the country of residence that has a photo attached with the elector’s name and date of birth to confirm the identity
  • Documentation of nationality confirmation (overseas voters)
    Documents announced by the official in charge of overseas voting management at the relevant embassy that prove that the voter has not acquired foreign nationality, such as a permanent resident certificate or visa
    ※ If a photo is not attached to the nationality verification document, the voter must bring another document of identification with a photo attached and must present the document of proof for nationality at the polling station to vote. 
How to vote

Overseas voters must present their document of identification to have their identity verified → Receive the ballot paper and envelope after signing their name on the ballot confirmation machine (signature input machine or unmanned input machine) or finger stamping, → Select one candidate or one political party on the ballot paper using the marking tool provided at the booth, place it in a return envelope, seal it, and then put it in the ballot box.