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This policy is intended to prevent any damage that may harm users if the information provided by the National Electoral Committee's Abroad Voting website may be used without authorization, is modified or has commercial intentions. All information issued by the National Electoral Commission is protected by copyright law, and it is the Commission that owns the copyright. Therefore, the reproduction or distribution of materials published by the National Electoral Commission without its authorization is strictly prohibited.

In case of obtaining profits or benefits through the information issued by the National Electoral Commission, you must first agree or request authorization from the Commission. Although it gets approval, it should be clarified that the National Electoral Commission provides the information.

It is allowed to link to the main portal of the website of Voters Abroad of the National Electoral Commission, but its direct link to other internal information on the page is not allowed. In case of adding the site link domain, you must notify the person in charge of the Commission's website with the corresponding information (site address, personal data of the administrator and operator, your email, contact numbers, date of the link of site, objectives and purposes of use, etc).

Even if you use the information provided by the Electoral Commission's website with your authorization, it is strictly forbidden to make modifications unless those are minor corrections of errors and those who violate this guideline are subject to criminal sanctions.

It is permitted to compile information from the website for informational, academic, research or critical purposes within a fair framework and reasonable length. However, in these cases, the citations should not exceed the limited amount, and in the case of using more than 10% of all the content of the web page, it can be considered a violation of copyright.

Reproduction for personal or family use is allowed if it is not for commercial purposes. However, if organizations and companies reproduce this information internally, it is not allowed even if it is not for profit.

The illegal reproduction and/or distribution of the information on the website constitutes a violation of Clause 5 of Article 9 of the Copyright Law and could result in imprisonment of up to 5 or a fine of up to 50 million won fines.

[Contacts] Department of Electoral Policy Abroad: Tel. 02-504-5354